Unveiling the Ai Potential: ChatGPT Tackles Job Applications

In a groundbreaking exploration, ChatGPT, the latest chatbot marvel from OpenAI, is not just an amusing novelty but is already being tested for practical applications, including automating the creation of cover letters for job applications.

Insider recently conducted an experiment, providing ChatGPT with real job descriptions for a social media assistant role and a ledger clerk position, along with some fabricated personal experience sentences. After generating ersatz cover letters, the outcomes were shared with actual hiring managers, resulting in insightful, albeit mixed, responses.

Recruitment expert Chris Willsher noted, “We would likely think this was written by a genuine candidate and follow up with a screening call.” However, he emphasized the importance of including more details about the company in the letter.

Stephanie Petry, Director of Talent Attraction, praised the ledger clerk letter but critiqued the social media assistant write-up, stating, “Their writing style is too formal and dry, and I’d expect them to show more creativity and character.”

Both hiring managers agreed that while the letters were competent, they lacked a distinctly human touch. Willsher suggested that AI-generated letters could serve as a starting point for candidates, emphasizing the need for personalization to showcase individual experiences and passion.

In our own experiment, we tasked ChatGPT with crafting a cover letter for a social media assistant role with the San Francisco Giants. The result was a competent, keyword-rich letter that, interestingly, included a claim of being a lifelong Giants fan — a touch of flair that, while endearing, highlighted the need for a more personalized touch.

While the experiment showcases the potential of AI in job applications, the consensus is clear: AI can be a valuable tool, but human input and personalization remain essential to create compelling and authentic job application materials. The era of using AI to streamline job application processes has arrived, opening up new possibilities and challenges in the dynamic landscape of career advancement.

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